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Hans and Wine

"Wine can be simply refreshing and stimulating, or it can offer an intriguing, mystifying journey into one's personal realm of taste and sensation. Wine has been my passion from early on!"

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Hans Holzmann has more than 25 years experience in sales and marketing, hospitality, and the food and beverage industry. A native of Austria, Hans combines his knowledge of both "Old World" and "New World" wines. His work as a sommelier and wine director for some of the most prestigious restaurants, resorts, and clubs in central and northern California and Florida have made him an icon in the business. Developing excellent wine programs, customized to the needs and potential of each club, substantially increased the member satisfaction and the wine revenue of thos exclusive premises.Years of experience in international marketing and sales for Silicone Vally firms gives him special insights when working to achieve results. The love and knowledge of wine combined with a successful business background are his tools for success in this industry.

Over the years, Hans orchestrated hundreds of wine events: from peasant style spanish to vintage Bordeaux wine dinners, Chaine de Rotisseur dinners, seminars about "Old versus New" World wines, special wine pairings, wines of the different global regions, and also real hands on wine education events for clubs and private groups. 


Now, Hans makes his expertise also available for regional clubs, restaurants and private groups. 

A great wine is remembrance:

the nose remembers the bouquet

the palate its lingering flavor

and the spirit already senses now,

what age will bring to aroma, body

and color in the future.

A great bottle of wine is history wrapped in glass.

To contact Hans:

call (707) 481-2869    hansandwine@gmail.com

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