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Hans and Wine

Hans Holzmann

Hans grew up on a small vineyard in Austria and during his college years, he spent every summer in a different European country, learning about their wines and working in restaurants. 40 years ago, when he first arrived in the United Sates, he became involved with the Food & Beverage industry in California....Cypress Room - Pebble Beach, Highlands Inn-Carmel.  Then he went on to become the first Sommelier on the Monterey Peninsula in California.The next 20 years, he worked on projects as an international market and sales specialist for Silicone Valley worldwide. Every few years, he took time out to travel and visit the various wine regions of the world. 

Then, over 18 years ago, he came to Southwest Florida and shortly after joined Bonita Bay Group as their Sommelier and Wine Director. 

Bonita Bay Group South West Florida

As the Corporate Wine Director for Bonita Bay Group, Hans was responsible for the wine culture in each of the 9 country clubs. He created and managed a wine program for all the clubs and also formed a wine club for all 4000 members. Within 2 years, the wine revenue nearly tripled.

Mayacama Golf Club, Sonoma County, California

As Wine Director for this ultra-exclusive golf club in the heart of the California Wine Country, Hans developed an unparalleled vintner program featuring more than 30 of the region's top names including Araujo, Harlan, Dumol, Kistler, and Silver Oak. Within one year, wine revenue increased by more than 125% and membership numbers rose substantially.

Bay Colony Beach Club, Naples, FL

As their Sommelier, Hans introduced a completely new wine program and developed a state of the art wine menu. The membership truly appreciated the new wine experience, the wine revenue increased substantially, while the cost stayed well within budget. The club received an award from the CMAA International Wine Society for the wine program and the promotion of wine as developed and implemented by Hans.

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