Hans and Wine
Hans and Wine

Wine Events

For Private Clubs

For Private Parties

Monthly "Fireside" Sommelier Dinner Events

work with your chef to plan and execute dinners  

with different themes like Regional food & wine

extravaganca (food/wine pairing)

(e.g.: Italy, Spain, France, Argentina, etc.)


Special occasion dinners with your chef

with extravagant food & wine selections to provide

over-the-top experience in food and wine pairing


Special Wine Tastings

late afternoon with themes:

Old versus New World, learn about your favorites

Match/mismatch wines with food, unique experience


Exclusive private Dinner

with a "Sommelier for Hire" achieve an exquisite

dining experience for your guests


Special Wine Tastings 

in privacy of your residence:

Different fun and educational tastings, including "old

world versus new world", match/mismatch wines with

food, specially organized blind tastings,


Customized Wine Events 

based on what a Sommelier can assist in achieving a certain extravaganca

Each event will be quoted based on the nature and size of the event

To contact Hans:  

call (707) 481-2869   hansandwine@gmail.com

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