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The structure and concept of a wine menu has a direct impact on the wine bottle sales revenue. A state of the art, progressively structured wine menu will be easy for the staff and for the guests to understand and to quickly find the desired wine. Once the staff understands the progressive concept they feel much more confident to point the guests in the right direction. 

For the last decade, I have developed successful wine menus for private clubs in Florida and in California.  A small investment for developing the right wine menu, adapted to the preferences of the club membership, pleases the members and substantially increases the wine revenue.

If your members too often put the wine menu aside in frustration, or they always order the same wine, or they just order wine by the glass, because the server does not know any better, it is time to take the step to a state of the art, progressive wine menu. To develop such a menu takes a lot of wine knowledge and experience with what club members are looking for, but once you have it, “wine life” gets a lot easier for the staff and the members will finally enjoy many wines they never tried before.

This is a win-win for both, the staff and the members!

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  1. Initial meeting to evaluate and establish the size (# of bottles and # of BTG wines) and complexity (wine regions) of the desired menu – adapted to the expectations of the club’s membership.
  2. Based on the final size of the project a quote will be generated. This will include a 1 hr training session with your staff, to make them familiar with “how to use the wine menu”, so they become self confident in properly assisting the members to find the desired wines. 
  3. I’m very familiar with all wine vendors in the region and will be working with them (and the club management) to find the best values in wines for the club, so the wine selection encompasses solid values in all price categories desired by the club.
  4. Additional work, like implementation into Jonas or a similar POS system, will be charged separately.
  5. Once agreement is reached to develop the wine menu, 30% of the total cost will be due immediately with the balance due when the project is completed.


There may be ongoing communications and/or some meetings while I’m working on the project, to assure we achieve the best possible product for the club.

I’ll be available for ongoing wine menu revisions, if needed, at a mutually agreed consulting charge.


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call (707) 481 2869    hansandwine@gmail.com

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